PulseCloud Dashboard Design


Lead User Experience Designer


Pulse Systems Inc.




Focus on Global Components like the Header and Search Results, establish a new Design System and optimize the CSS for easy maintenance.


Don’t remove or diminish the original features that make PulseCloud different and unique in the marketplace. These features just needed to have a better style and interaction design to improve usability.

Before and After Example of a Dashboard Design

BEFORE: The Dashboard was too sparse and did not guide the user to action.

AFTER: New Dashboard is now filled with relevant, actionable data.

BEFORE: Labels have too many words, no interaction and poor typography

AFTER: Labels now reduced to one or two words, better interaction and typography.

BEFORE: Search results contains too much information which limits the results.

AFTER: Search results now has many more patients with cards that show upon hover.

BEFORE: Patient Hub is too sparse and suffers from the same poor labeling.

AFTER: Now Patient Hub has better interaction and typography giving users the proper affordance.

BEFORE: A pie chart is a weak choice for this data, without context we have no idea of the level of effort of each appointment.

AFTER: With some UX Research, we now have actionable data with trends in the form of KPIs, tailored to any individual user.